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Original title: Dvojina

Dual | 2013

15 min  |  Slovenia  |  Director: Nejc Gazvoda

Because of a weather problem the plane from Denmark is forced to land at a Slovene airport. There is a quiet, beautiful young Danish girl Iben (25) among the passengers. They are being taken to a hotel in Ljubljana and this is how she meets Tina (25) who drives a shuttle. They both need each other, but are very careful because one of them is hiding a secret. They speak to each other in English and in their native languages. Only one of the two languages has the so-called dual, a special grammatical form used in expressions that involve just two subjects. The other language doesn't.

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Cast: Nina Rakovec, Mia Jexen, Natasa Barbara Gracner

Producers: Aleš Pavlin, Andrej Štritof

Co-production: Studio Dim

Production: Perfo

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