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Original title: Balavica

Little Darling | 2013

17 min  |  Croatia  |  Drama  |  Director: Igor Mirković

Slobbery Girl spends her summer on a sky-scraper in the town on a Mediterranean coast. It's her hidden world, the place where she can be with Zane, local delinquent who knows all street tips and tricks. Slobbery Girl is 11 years old and Zane is 14. No one knows what they're doing over there; drinking, smoking, walking on the edge – everything they should not be doing.

During the summer, Slobbery Girl lives with her Grandma.

Despite all love that she gets from the grandma, she's patiently waiting for her parents to come and get her. Slobbery Girl notices that something wrong is happening in her.

Cast: Đana Gudelj, Marko Boljat, Slavica Jukić, Petra Barbarić, Nika Petrović, Franko Jakovčević

Producers: Marina Andree Škop, Darija Kulenović Gudan

Production: Studio Dim

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