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Original title: Izvan Sezone

Out of Season | 2012

15 min  |  Croatia  |  Drama  |  Director: Dijana Bolanča Paulić

This is a story about resistance created by the fear of change.
Two people have worn out the path of security.  Katja's enormous desire to have a baby brings into question her sense of existence. Pushed down by the weight of her years she cannot escape her desire. She clashes with her selfishness reflected in the person of a man she once believed was "a good choice". She is deeply disappointed and on the verge of questioning everything. Vito can feel the power of that earthquake. He agrees to have a baby on terms that nothing in his life changes. She does not know how to agree to that.

Izvan sezone / Out of Season - teaser
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Producers: Marina Andree Škop, Darija Kulenovicć Gudan

Production: Studio Dim

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